Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Populism Topic

I sat this morning and gazed at a German public TV article (ARD-production)....over populism.  German intellectuals, politicians, and the privileged....often worry about populism.

In general, populism is this 'trend' where the common people have found some fault or frustration, and turn to face more privileged crowd.  Questions get asked....stories get told....some fraud accusations get tossed back and forth from the two groups....then someone says they got a solution (sometimes both the privileged crowd and the common people find this magical solution), and then you go to some vote sequence, which has consequences that no one truly understood when they started this process.

If you were to gaze over this topic, and the counter-discussion against populism....you reach a stage where you think it's a performance or act, and that populism group 'A' is simply playing against populism group 'B'.

With the German view....it's generally good versus evil....that the common man is lacking intelligence or the understanding to stand against populism.

A great demonstration is the episode that occurred over the weekend in Germany where the Chancellor candidate for the SPD (Schulz)....got all hyped up over the upcoming (his belief) crisis in Italy over migrants and immigrants.  He made a dramatic speech and begged for voters to see his view, and move toward a solution.  Naturally, without saying a lot.....his solution is to force all EU member states to take a portion of the 200,000 migrants sitting in Italy.  No one in the commentary did he discuss the fact that as you remove the 200,000 migrants in Italy....a steady flow will occur, and that group will be replaced within six to twelve months by another 200,000 or more.

If you go and look over a typical year of political talk in Germany....virtually every single party is hyping a concern or emergency, and each goes through a standard chat of exaggeration, with the help of the news media.  Journalists and intellectuals then lead a chat-forum situation....to win over the views of the general public.

To say that populists are a one-sided group?  No....it's a 360-degree circle.  You get some drama every single day by some political agenda.  It's up to you to interpret the focus topic....determine the extent of the emergency....and then react or refuse to react.

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