Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Cow Story

If you've ever been out into the rurals of the midst of mountainous regions where the valley landscape and rich colors entice you to linger and just soak up the sunshine....there's this thing that you might notice.

Most everywhere you look....cows.

Happy cows....munching away.  Green grass everywhere.

So, some folks get this idea that cows are fairly gentle.  I don't know where this idea comes from, but some folks who've never been around a farm or cows.....seem to think that a cow will let you come up and 'pet' them.

Naturally, this has led to a number of cow-attacks. Yeah, shocking.....guys laying there wounded or mangled up.

So the region of Tyrol has decided 'enough'.  They are putting up a video, which basically says that cow-fields are not a petting zoo.

Most of this comes from two attacks over the past three years.....with tourists (one of them a German) dead.

You can imagine a dozen Austrian bureaucrats sitting in some meeting and discussing the latest cow-attack and some worry that it might cause a ripple or negative trend with tourism....that Austrian cows are not friendly.  The solution in their mind was this video.

But the thing you have to wonder about.....who exactly is going to watch this video?

Would you pay some 3,000 euro advertising fee for 30 seconds of time to run some 'don't pet the cows' advertisement?  Do you put this on with the Bonanza series, or Knight Rider?  Or do you run this with some soccer game advertising?

But the real question is....are people that stupid?  When folks go down to they get out of the truck and go try to pet the elephant as well?  Or when they go out to Yellowstone National they try to pet the buffalo?

I'm not suggesting that society has gone stupid....but you just have to wonder where common sense went over the past fifty years?

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