Friday, July 7, 2017

US Mayor to Hamburg Protest

The NY Post wrote up a piece on their mayor in New York.  De Blasio apparently got the idea all of the sudden that he'd go and attend the protests (not the meeting) of the G-20 in Hamburg, Germany.   Yeah, it's odd....he's not invited, and he's there on some protest junket.

So you sit and add this up.  The mayor and his wife will likely fly you figure at least $12,000 on full-up first-class tickets from JFK to Hamburg.  The guy will carry along a couple of support members and you can figure their airline tickets to be at least $25,000.

Then you figure limo service, and a couple of nice SUV type vehicles for his entourage folks and that likely goes up to $30,000.

Then you figure the hotel situation for him and his has to be a five-star, for at least four nights. I estimate this at $10,000.  The entourage and security hotel cost?  You can figure at least $10,000 for them at some 3-star spot in town.

By the time, you get to the end of this....the De Blasio unplanned protest episode will cost the city of New York around $100,000 (my humble numbers).

What is De Blasio protesting?  Unknown.  No one from the NY Post or NY Times can say with any authority what the mayor's protest is about.  All for $100,000 spent over four to five days.

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