Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hamburg Analysis

After watching all the hype and talk from the G-20 riots in has to go back and look at the revolutionary and anti-capitalistic groups involved and ask some questions.

Locals from Hamburg tend to note that there are two factions at set to talk/dialog on social issues, and the other set to violent means to accomplish the set agenda.  The same locals will note that those who showed up for the G-20 episode....weren't all Germans.  It's obvious from the police reports of the arrested....a fair number were from surrounding countries, and came as a form of revolutionary 'tourism' bring violence and public damage upon Hamburg.

After a while, you start to realize this is basically the same working mechanism of the Nationalist Socialist Party (the Nazis) set in the early 1930s.  On one side...the political talk crowd, and on the other side....the Brown-shirts.

The Brown-shirts were careful not to attack the police or to damage public structure....sticking strictly with Jewish individuals and Jewish property.

The two groups work working public sympathy....the other working against public sympathy.  Both act like they don't know each other....yet they grin as they say it.

As you look now at a week after the riots, it's interesting how the public has reacted.  First, the general public in Hamburg took to the streets to clean up the mess created.  Some things may take a month or so, to repair....but you get the sense that they didn't want to delay on putting Hamburg back into operational and logical order.

Second, there is a political agenda focus now in Hamburg to question the Rote Flora building (the hub of revolutionary and anti-capitalist action in the city).  The public wants the city management (the SPD and Green coalition) draw a line and to actually clean up the long-term mess (it's over twenty-five years of delay because of gutless political chatter).  The hub has to be terminated.

Third and final....the political scale of Hamburg appears to be in some form of change.  The public wants to hold the political establishment in their grasp and to firmly move forward....if necessary, dragging them along.  For the Green Party, it's a pretty serious dragging process and they aren't happy about where this is going.

Looking at the Rote Flora might be time to ask yourself....what exactly you've achieved in twenty-five years to deem your success rate?  Is there a plan 'b' if you did actually get kicked out of the structure that you've squatted in for the whole period?  Will you hold some 'Alamo-like' last fight to protect your building or status-control of the building?  With the current laws in effect on harming police....would a fair number of your Rote Flora group draw actual prison sentences and spend several years in prison in some 'Alamo-like' fight?  Long-term, where you can find support with the general public in Hamburg?

Looking back....whoever sat down in the Rote Flora group months ago and designed the "Welcome to Hell" campaign for the G-20....probably anticipated the gutless political establishment to just let you continue on.  So, it might be a shock to over the near-future....and start plan-b types of planning.

Extremist groups aren't usually known for long-term planning or structured analysis.  Maybe it's the booze, or chatter that screws up the thinking process....but you can only go so far with this type of intellectual design.

It would appear that the Marx-Lenin team has run out of ideas on Rote Flora and will have to face a pretty serious downward future.

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