Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Bomb Story

HR, our regional news organization for Hessen, had a update piece today on a German kindergarten in Darmstadt.

From what they describe.....some young kid from the kindergarten went out with a group and walked in a local forest.  Kid comes back after a while, and the kid brings in this weird object...putting it on the shelf.

Kindergarten gal goes over and looks at for a minute or two, then realizes what the heck it is....WW II explosive.

They call the cops.  Cops call explosive disposal.  Building is evacuated.  Bomb disposed.

I'm guessing that the cops will have a talk with the Kindergarten folks, and the kids will get some WW II-lesson episode and talk over explosives.  The odds of more explosives in that woods area?  Well, this is a topic that might not want to bring up.  There might be tens of thousands of bombs and grenades still out there.

The kid involved?  Simply some kid who was looking over the ground and found something that wasn't supposed to be there.  The kid will be some kind of legend for a least within kindergarten circles.

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