Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hamburg and Sunday Sales

It came up in the news today....over Hamburg and the G-20 riots....what the retailers and stores lost over that long weekend.  It is now figured (by Focus reporting) to be near 18 million Euro in sales losses.  It's a fairly dramatic estimation.

The complaints now?'s not just about the broken glass or's about loss of revenue.

Their complaint?  It's addressed to the mayor (Olaf Scholz).

So, what they are asking for now....something that would NOT be normally accepted by the SPD government of the two additional Sunday shopping days.

If you'd brought up this topic three months would have likely been an absolutely no answer to the two additional Sundays open.  Both the SPD and Greens (controlling the make-up of the city government) would have denied them the two additional days.

Presently?  I think the stores and retailers hold an extra card in their hand and can afford to demand this.

It's probably one of a dozen things that will be facing the city government.  Compensation about personal property, the future handling of the far-left radicals, and more increased police numbers....will also likely become a topic of conversation in the city now.

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