Monday, July 10, 2017

SSangyong: Germany

Every month, I get a copy of ADAC magazine (the German automobile club folks).  It typically has about fifty ads in it....mostly about travel, tires, and neat gadgets that guys like.

This month, they featured an entire page ad for the South Korean car company...SSangyong.

Yeah, if you brought this up with a hundred working class Germans.....97-percent have never heard of the company.  If you make the rounds at the Frankfurt car show.....looking closely.....they show up at each car show.

German interest in their vehicles?  It's fairly low.

But I sat and looked at the three vehicles offered by SSangyong.  They come with a five-year warranty....which usually pipes up every single German.  But then you ask....where exactly is the maintenance point or dealership, and you tend to notice that there are very few around Germany.

The pricing?  Oh, that gets you interested as well.  The Tivoli edition comes with a 1.6 engine, and costs 15,990 Euro.  It comes in 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive....manual or automatic.

The high-end edition featured on the sales ad? 19,990 Euro.

The thing about these are the pricing.  Typically.....if you were into a SUV in Germany....with VW, Audi, or'd be talking about 25,000 to 35,000 Euro.

SSangyong needs some kind of "Jungle-Jim" TV ad which features some German working class guy on a mission into the wilderness and his South Korean sidekick demonstrates the quality of the SUV.

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