Friday, July 21, 2017

The ISIS Fraulein Story

In recent days, various news sources (German, British and French) have covered this little short news item out of Iraq.

As Iraqi troops have moved into Mosul....a few days ago, they came to this basement area and found this young woman....a German.   So her story has been laid out in some a wannabe-ISIS-thug.

LInda 16 years old....basically ran away from home (Dresden) last year.  Various emotional issues popped up and her only future path ended up being a runaway and joining ISIS.  No, she wasn't a Muslim....she was just looking for some emotional escape-door (a gang-like situation that would take care of her).  She uses her mom's credit card and buys a ticket into Turkey.....walks across the border, and then discovers the world of ISIS.

Married within ISIS....she had a Chechen husband. Iraqi forces kill the husband.  Then they get to the young girl's situation.  She's alive and being held as a prisoner.  Some stories indicate that she's shot and killed Iraqi soldiers over the year that she's been in Iraq.  Some suggest that she was a sniper at one point.

What becomes of Linda?  No one says much.  There's probably enough evidence to convict and execute her.  Some German influence might be used to spare her and just convict her with Iraqi charges and let Germany take possession of her.

You tend to go and make a lot of stupid mistakes in your youth....doing things for the wrong reason, and having to pay a price for the mistakes.  In her case?  You need some fair amount of judgement and punishment dished out, but there might be some rehab value of bringing her back....letting her get her wits, and then let her tell the insider story to the whole fake nature of ISIS.  Yes, there is some value in bringing the German kid back home.  If she is some nutcase?  Then fine....put her into some mental facility and just get some judge to sign the paperwork.

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