Monday, July 10, 2017

The Ludwigshafen Story

Late last year, I essayed a piece on this Islamic kid (12 years old) who'd attempted to make two nail-bombs in Ludwigshafen and blow them up at the Xmas-market there. I should note.....the first was a total dud (fireworks material used as the explosive), and the second one was figured out by a bystander and never hurt anyone.  The kid was pointed out and arrested.

So the Socialamt (the youth services people) took the kid.  They reviewed him and decided that some in-patient therapy was necessary, and sent him off to Wiesbaden to be 'helped'.  The folks there took just a couple of days and said 'no'....this kid was way beyond what they were capable of handling (hinting that he needed around the clock supervision).

The parents were invited back into the process, but they kinda hinted that they weren't up to handling him either.  Schools in Ludwigshafen?  They weren't willing to accept him back.

Eventually, the Socialamt folks made a decision to farm the kid out to a full-time care supervision.

I kinda thought there in May that you'd never hear anything about this situation ever again.  Well....Focus picked up the story today....with the latest update.

As they point out....the ARD reporters dug into this recently and asked a stupid question.

You one really asked many questions about the guy chosen by the Socialamt folks to manage this kid.  The guy?  ARD says he is a other words, a hardcore Islamic guy.

For six weeks, this guy was the supervisor over the kid.

I sat there in some disbelief.  You would have to be a total idiot at the social office to come up with this idea, and not ask questions of the background of the guy.

Now?  They say they've resolved this.  My belief with the kid?  You get this bad feeling that he's bound and determined (brain-washed) to do harm to innocent people.  They can hold him to a certain degree up to age 16, and if he is cooperative......maybe up to age 18.

All of this brings me to the comprehension of the social office people, and if they are as bright as they portray themselves.  I have my doubts.

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