Tuesday, July 18, 2017

German News, Tuesday

Boom in employment:  Focus wrote up a fine piece on the current situation in Germany with jobs, empty positions, and the chaos ahead.  One thing that is noticed.....out of every three jobs advertised....it's now believed that one billet will go unfilled because they can't find people with the background or experience to fill the job.  While the article stresses the need for immigrants to fill the positions....experience, certification, and education are the speed-bumps preventing this from success with the current incoming migrants and immigrants.

Pressure on Merkel for immigrant limit:  While it's rarely discussed in public....Focus did bring up the little topic that the CSU Party of Bavaria (partners of Merkel's party) would like to have listed.  The CSU advocates a yearly limit of 200,000 visas.  So far, Merkel does NOT want this topic on the table.  If you use the historical data, from the 1980s to 2012....what Germany had each year was in the range of 250,000 (average) incoming migrants or immigrants.

German-ISIS women arrested:  ARD report.  As Iraqi soldiers swarm over Mosul.....they come to arrest twenty-odd women for ISIS crimes, and five of them are reported to be German citizens.  Hard to say what Iraq wants to do with them.  Maybe Germany will offer to take them (if convicted in some court)....my assumption.

NDR reporter 'cleared':  ARD report.  German federal cops finally came out and said that the accused NDR (regional network) reporter was NOT a Reichsburger 'citizen'.  This makes one wonder just how many people are accused of being a 'citizen' and they aren't.

Divorce head-scarf woes:  N-TV report.  So this Syrian Muslim woman wants to divorce her husband in Brandenburg.  She is a immigrant.  From the report, it's kinda hinted that the husband isn't in Germany....he's back in Syria.  But there is this problem....she wants or needs to appear in court.  She intends to wear a traditional Muslim head-scarf (not the full facial covering type).  The judge says no head-scarf in his court.  Some public comments going back and forth.  Generally, the rule established by the federal folks is that you can't have facial coverings in a government building.

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