Saturday, July 29, 2017

This Diesel Ban Map

The map on the side is a statiscial view of the diesel issue in Germany (the Nitric Oxide levels)....with the particle count.

(Provided via the Umwelt Bundesamt).

Purple dots are the follow.  Any blue dots are areas where there's some content but not an issue. Yellow starts to approach an issue.

So you analyze this for a while and start to compare to a real map....real cities.

Along the northern one-third of's the Hamburg and Essen region that have issues.

Bavaria?  Nuremberg, Augsburg, Munich, Regensburg, and Wurzburg.  What you would call the job-centers of Bavaria.

Baden-Wurttemberg?  It's one of the two states with significant particles issues.  The red and purple cluster?  All around Stuttgart mostly.
What you can say is that industrialized areas draw people to jobs, and they have chosen to live a fair distance (more than 20 kilometers usually).  You can go up to a pub of a hundred working-class Germans and ask who drives forty or more kilometers to work, and from the group who raises their hands....the majority will tell you that they drive a diesel car.  In the case where both the husband and wife have jobs and both drive hefty distances....yes, both will own and operate a diesel car.

So if this Stuttgart diesel ban were to play out and the public were to be can take a guess what urban zones would be tossed into massive chaos.  You can also go and look at city leadership (the party which runs that government) and guess their affiliation.

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