Friday, July 21, 2017

That Took Two Hours (New Ambassador Comment by German Public TV)

Yep, within two hours....they'd hyped their message or theme.

German public TV (ARD) put their first big announement of the new American ambassador.  The message?  "Now Fox News, Soon New US Ambassador."

Around nine lines into the piece, they then admitted....oh yeah....he is openly gay.

Then they went to the final 13 lines of the piece....talking over the woes of various ambassador jobs and high-ranking positions left unfilled at present. Shocking....yes, absolutely shocking.  Well...if you were an intellectual.

I suspect by tonight that at least sixty seconds of background video will be put up as Grenell is noted as a past contributor to Fox News.  Sadly, it would have been told in a much more favorable light if he'd just been a past contributor to CNN or perhaps even PBS.

The effect on the bulk of German society....the working-class Germans?  They don't really care.  They can't name any of the past dozen US ambassadors.  If you asked them who were the last five US State Department chiefs....they might be able to name Hillary Clinton but that's about it.  If anything, from the working-class, they might ask the German public TV news there anything really news-worthy out of this entire story?

Man, thank God that there's only 28 days left before the Bundesliga (soccer) season starts (18 August).  Then there will be some noteworthy news.

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