Tuesday, July 11, 2017

German News, Wednesday

Public debt 'explosion' coming in 2030:  Great article piece by Focus on what the Deutsche Bank says is a massive debt explosion coming after 2030.  They've analyzed debt payments and it looks pretty bad.  What they recommend is no political promises by the parties on tax cuts.  Worth a read.

Accusations over Hamburg still going on:  In this political season....lot of frustration over G-20 episode in Hamburg.  Focus put up a piece concerning the Foreign Minister (SPD's Gabriel) who says that Merkel should resign because of the screw-up of the riots.  He suggests she picked the location to be some benefit to her campaign.

Mystery over G-20 accreditation:  ARD piece.  Lot of mystery over accreditation of journalists for the G-20 Summit in Hamburg.  At some point, 32 individuals LOST their accreditation.  Government being careful how they word the event.  Some suggest a mystery list with a connection to foreign service or intelligence service operatives.  News media digging into this and asking more questions.  These 32 individuals weren't allowed into the main media center set up by the German government.

Med rescue operations under threat:  ARD piece.  Italy is calling upon the EU to manage the rescue of migrants/immigrants in the Med, and to utilize the ports of other countries besides Italy.  Lot of different pieces to the present history and operation.  Italy also wants their migrants 'farmed-out' and that EU plan has been rather slow.  Cost factor might be creeping into the mess now as well.

No more mail-box companies in the EU:  ARD piece.  EU discussing a regulation to halt future mail-box companies after BREXIT wraps up.  Some fear that a fair number of companies might shift around to the UK and have their headquarters in Britain but to make it an empty shell to avoid taxation in Europe itself.  They would need the 27 remaining members of the EU to agree upon this and several of them openly like mail-box situations.....so passage might be hard.

Darmstadt excitement:  HR story.  Drunk married couple in Darmstadt.....get into an argument.  Wife dumps into car.  Husband tries to stop her by jumping on the hood of the car.  She takes off with him on the hood and drives to the police station to hand him over.  Cops check out both.  She gets a ticket for DWI.

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