Saturday, July 15, 2017

Trust that Evaporates

It came up this morning via Focus, that as the violence progressed in the G-20 Summit....the Hamburg leadership authority attempted to reroute cop 'reserves' into violent zones (those with cars burning and looting taking place).

The cops?  They responded...."Yes, but not us".  What they saw were inferior numbers on their side, the massive threat by the revolutionary crowd, and a marginal defense plan.  Yes, they refused to deploy into the zone affected by the violence.

This response....listed on internal documents and now discussed within the news media sheds some light on the big picture.

As the court system drags 35 cops into the process for violence on protesters....the cops will be able to respond that they simply didn't have enough protection around themselves, and things disintegrated.  As much as the prosecution and judges might like to go on the 'heavy-side' with the cops and their use of force.....I suspect this refusal of various police units to deploy will terminate most of these cases against the cops.  Few, I think, will end up in some negative court situation.

As for the public?  It really demonstrates the whole trust thing with no-go zones and riot-zones. You can't depend on the cops.

All this hype about hiring more cops by the CDU and Merkel?  It might be nice.....but if you call the cops at 1AM about trouble in your neighborhood, and their response is 'yes, but not us'.....what good are they?

The more you look at the Hamburg plan with 20,000 cops for the come to realize that this was probably only 60-percent of what they really needed.  The minute that this 'Welcome-to-Hell' plan came out by the anti-capitalists.....some bolder Hamburg plan was required, and the leadership simply couldn't comprehend or envision this.

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