Wednesday, July 19, 2017

German News, Wednesday

Fake protest at G-20 Summit:  ARD report.  It's now apparent that one of the protests at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg....was staged and paid-for.  The protest against Qatar.....was organized by some Egyptian.....who'd agreed to pay each protest member...mostly all migrants....a sum of money.  For some, he never came up with the cash, and they shifted in support of Qatar.  Fake protest?  Yeah. It's the kind of thing that the cops should investigate and charge with some type of crime.  I might take a guess that other paid-protest acts were committed during the summit period.

Car jobs to disappear: ARD report.  Interesting analysis.  If the 2030 ban on gas/diesel car sales takes's estimated now that 436,000 jobs might disappear.  The Germans didn't really calculate much on the ban-law as they wrote it.  Oddly, German industry might continue for twenty or thirty more years....manufacturing the gas and diesel sell in Europe and across the world, but be unable to sell these cars in Germany.  Likely to be more political chatter in the next decade about this law and maybe it'll be revoked or re-worked at some point.

Scandal pay-back;  N-TV article.  A couple of months ago.....some folks cranked up a scandal deal within the German Army.  Some investigation and the CDU chief of the Army (Van de Leyen) decided to remove the individuals from the Army.  Well....they've gotten a lawyer and intend to sue.  Odds here?  It will be at least twelve months of court games, to reach an appeal process, and then probably another twelve months to see if the high court changes the verdict.  It's possible that the four individuals will be allowed back into the military and the German Army forced to pay for the court action.

Ryanair calling for third Berlin airport.  N-tv article.  Looking ahead at 2050....Ryanair says that there will be too much traffic for just two airports to exist (figuring the new-yet-to-operate BER and Tegal (to be renovated).  Yes, they are suggesting the another airport.  If you had to ask something to shock the political folks....this would be it.  As badly as the BER was done on construction.....would go and build yet another airport?

Mercedes truck:  N-tv report.  Yes, Mercedes says it will build a truck.  Cost per model?  37,000 euro (roughly $42,000).  Will it sell?  That's another question.  V-6 diesel, 258 HP. It'll be built out of Spain for the company.

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