Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hamburg G-20 Summit Damage?

The German Insurance Association says that the general figure they estimate for damage....cars, houses, property.....is around 12-million Euro.   So far, they are about the only ones with an estimated number.

Cars?  They make up around one-third of the 12-million Euro.

Will the government pay up?  There are different ways to view the discussion.  Merkel says that the federal folks will work to create a fund for the city to use and pay out.  However, there's been hints that if insurance exists....they want to force the insurance to pay for the act.

If you were to dig into the grocery store damage and the cars burnt....I'd take a guess that 75-percent of the 12-million Euro is covered by some type of insurance.  So it's not that much that the federal government would have to dig up.

One might sit and debate about the insurance being forced to cover what the cops simply refused to protect.

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