Monday, July 31, 2017

Another Part of the Hamburg Story

I noticed from late Monday news that there is a debate going on in Hamburg over the stabber dude.  While on one side....he is noted as an Islamist individual and yelled a threat of such as the stabbing took place a couple of days ago.....cops note that he's mentally unstable and won't refer to him as a terrorist.

You have to stand back for a moment and ask yourself a couple of questions.  Some folks from the refugee center where this guy had lived for 27 months.....indicate that he was a regular user of marijuana.  One individual even suggested that the guy probably smoked it at least ten times a day (a hefty amount, if true).

Depending on the grade of marijuana that he was utilizing and the quantity that he smoked each day....I think it's very possible that a paranoid schizophrenic guy could mask his behavior and just pretend to be some dope-head. The same type of character might embrace some weird philosophy, a religion, or a a way of focusing on an 'anchor'.

One odd feature if you go and examine most of the attacks of the past three years with individuals who are labeled as Islamic in nature....they typically sold drugs, and consumed drug.  Maybe not in all cases, but the consumption of drugs was generally a part of every story.

Do we have a case of too many paranoid schizophrenic folks?  It's not a question that political folks would entertain or prefer to answer.

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